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Find Courses

In addition to browsing courses by department on the main Courses page, you can also browse Audio/Video Courses, Translated Courses, and Archived Courses.

Or advanced search lets you search within specific course sections, such as Lecture Notes or Exams.

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Courses on MIT OpenCourseWare are arranged by departments using the numerical system assigned by MIT. For more information about the MIT curriculum, see the Curriculum Guide.

Course Content

The course content on MIT OpenCourseWare is as varied as the MIT curriculum itself. The content types outlined here represent some of the material you'll find on OCW, but it's best to simply explore.

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Course syllabi typically contain information such as the course description and objectives, as well as textbooks used in the course, a calendar of lectures and homework, collaboration guidelines, and grading criteria.

Lecture Notes
Lecture notes are the backbone of MIT OpenCourseWare and are extremely popular with visitors. They provide an excellent opportunity for reviewing material while providing alternate explanations of concepts. About 80% of OCW courses include lecture notes.

Many OCW courses provide complete, detailed problem sets and solutions. About 93% of OCW courses include assignments.

Exams and solutions allow users to test their knowledge. They provide educators with a rich source of materials to use in their own classrooms. Almost 60% of courses on OCW with exams have them published on the site, and almost half of these feature solutions.

Audio and Video Lectures
Some courses contain full or exemplary audio and video lectures. These lectures provide a glimpse into MIT classrooms, and are some of the most popular features of OCW.

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Download Courses

MIT OpenCourseWare provides the option to download complete courses as a free service to assist in offline and low-bandwidth use. For more information on downloading and using our zipped courses, visit Help.

RSS Feeds

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RSS (Really Simple Syndication) provide a time-saving way for you to receive news and information updates from your favorite web sites and blogs. MIT OpenCourseWare offers a wide variety of RSS feeds, including alerts when new courses are published, and our monthly newsletter.

Contact MIT OpenCourseWare

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We always welcome your feedback on the content MIT OpenCourseWare, how you're using the content, and anything else you care to share.