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Highlights for High School

Are you a high school student or teacher? The Highlights for High School website contains over 1,000 exam and practice problems, each mapped to the AP topic framework, and we encourage you and your students to try a few of them and see how you do.

Although it’s not always possible, we try to include the answers to problem sets whenever they are available.  We believe that giving students the ability to check their answers enhances their understanding of the material and advances their learning.  The solutions can be found either within the same document as the problems or in an accompanying document linked to the problem sets.

Check out some problem sets in biology, physics or calculus!

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New on OCW

Featured Course

With 1800 courses and counting, OCW is a treasure trove of free MIT courses. Each week, we'll spotlight two courses or resources on our homepage for your intellectual enjoyment.

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Citing or Attributing OCW Content

Are you reusing or reposting OCW content? Then don't forget to attribute the original MIT faculty author(s). You can use the following citation format:

[Name], [Course Title], [Term]. (Massachusetts Institute of Technology: MIT OpenCouseWare), (Accessed [Date]). License: Creative Commons BY-NC-SA

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Views from Visitors

MIT OpenCourseWare user."I have finished my undergraduate course in Telecommunication Engineering and I am keenly preparing to get into graduate course for which I have to take up an entrance examination. MIT OpenCourseWare has helped me leaps and bounds in my preparation and I wish to thank everyone who has made this possible." - Prashanth, India

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