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March 2008 Newsletter

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Highlights for High School

The AP exams are less than two months away! Prepare with OCW's free high school resources. You'll find study materials for AP Biology, AP Calculus (AB and BC), and AP Physics  (B and C).

Not studying for the AP exams? Hone your writing skills with resources to help you write better. The ability to communicate your ideas and research is as important as the ideas and research themselves. After all, what good is knowledge if you can't share it?

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Views from Visitors

MIT OpenCourseWare user."Education is key to our lives and to personal, social and global development. MIT is giving many people whom otherwise would not have a chance to education a second chance." - Solomon, Ethiopia

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With more than 1,800 courses, you could learn just about anything. OCW is one of "50 Ways to Improve Your Life." Read about it in the US News and World Report.

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