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March 2007 Newsletter

MIT OpenCourseWare Update: March 2007

A Monthly E-mail Newsletter for Users
and Friends of MIT OpenCourseWare

The March 2007 MIT OpenCourseWare Update Contains:

  1. New Courses Available - Turmoil and Policy Forever, and more 
  2. Updated Courses 
  3. MIT Teaches That? 
  4. User Cheers from Canada - How You Can Help 
  5. Brain Teaser 
  6. Support MIT OCW  

1. New Courses Available - Turmoil and Policy Forever, and more
   Are you fascinated by the turbulence in the Earth's oceans and atmosphere? Think religious groups play a role in politics? Do you wonder about different kinds of infinity? Then find out more from these courses newly available on MIT OCW and others!

  12.820 / 12.822   Turbulence in Geophysical Systems, Spring 2005

  17.522   Politics and Religion, Fall 2006

  24.118   Paradox and Infinity, Fall 2006

  4.A21   Stories Without Words: Photographing the First Year, Fall 2006

  SP.255   Physics of Rock Climbing, Spring 2006

  21W.747-1   Rhetoric, Fall 2006

  6.828   Operating System Engineering, Fall 2006

  18.104   Seminar in Analysis: Applications to Number Theory, Fall 2006

  PE.740   Fencing, Spring 2007

  PE.710   Tennis, Spring 2007

  6.630   Electromagnetics, Fall 2006

  2.994   MADM with Applications in Material Selection and Optimal Design, January (IAP) 2007

  24.729   Topics in Philosophy of Language: Vagueness, Fall 2005

  18.112   Functions of a Complex Variable, Fall 2006

  5.841   Crystal Structure Refinement, Fall 2006

  18.175   Theory of Probability, Spring 2007

  8.962   General Relativity, Spring 2006

  18.303   Linear Partial Differential Equations, Fall 2006

  18.443   Statistics for Applications, Fall 2006

  12.458   Molecular Biogeochemistry, Fall 2006

  STS.340J   Introduction to the History of Technology, Fall 2006

  12.815   Atmospheric Radiation, Fall 2006

  9.520   Statistical Learning Theory and Applications, Spring 2006

  20.482J   Foundations of Algorithms and Computational Techniques in Systems Biology, Spring 2006

2. Updated Courses
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3. MIT Teaches That?
Not all MIT courses are techie! Across MIT’s 35 world-class departments in five different schools, there are many interesting course subjects that may surprise--and delight--you: This month’s feature looks to answer the questions: How - and why - do people seek to capture everyday life on film? What can we learn from such films? To find a full description of 21A.337J / CMS.917J   Documenting Culture, go to:

4. User Cheers from Canada - How You Can Help
     “MIT has made a great leap for the education and intellectual
     advancement of man-kind. To open up the institutions vast
     reservoirs of knowledge not only to researchers but to common
     people is a monumental and inspiring endeavour. I have perused
     many courses that will help me in my future research and also,
     I believe, in life. Thank you MIT.” - Student, Canada

We love hearing from people around the world who use MIT OCW materials to learn something new, improve their lives, or share what they learn to improve the lives of others. We are grateful that you are part of this open movement, but we need your help! MIT OCW will always be a free and open digital publication, but your donation (small or large) helps us continue to offer a high-quality publication of MIT’s course materials in the long term. Please donate online to MIT OCW at:

5. Brain Teaser

This month’s brain teaser: Venn diagrams can show how different parts of a sentence are logically related. How would you draw a Venn diagram to represent the sentence, "Everyone who flies (F) is both a man (M) and a woman (W)"? To find the answer, go to Chapter 15 in the Readings for 24.241 Logic I, Fall 2005.