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February 2008 Newsletter

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Highlights for High School

Since the launch of Highlights for High School, many of you have requested downloadable versions of the video clips on the site.

Well, you asked, and we delivered: video from the AP Biology and AP Physics sections are now available for download and offline viewing.

Video lectures are in the RealOnePlayer format with video indices and captions. A selection of AP Physics lectures are also available in MP4 format, but without indices or captions. Thanks for the feedback!

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Views from Visitors

MIT OpenCourseWare user."Curiosity is what builds the bridge between a problem and it's solution, guiding people through more efficient ways. MIT OCW helps me building new bridges all the time. Thank you for the opportunity." - William, Brazil

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OCW in the News

Microsoft chairman, Bill Gates, recently wrote a commentary in Forbes magazine. In his reflections about universal education, he said,"MIT's OpenCourseWare Initiative is an exciting example of how technology can help make great educational materials scale."

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