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January 2008 Newsletter

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New OCW Resource: Highlights for High School

Highlights for High School is a resource for both high school students and teachers, designed to help students study STEM topics, and to get them excited about science, math, and technology. The site features multimedia resources to help students and teachers with AP Calculus, Physics, and Biology, as well as demonstrations, labs, and an introduction to the college curriculum at MIT.

Just one example of how Highlights is already making a difference: A teacher in Miami is using Biology materials to reach underachieving youth using video and other rich media to reach students who haven’t been responding to more traditional classroom pedagogy.

How are you using the site?

We would love to hear from teachers, students and administrators how they are using the Highlights for High School website to enrich their teaching and learning.  Please send us your feedback at

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Views from Visitors

MIT OpenCourseWare user."I philosophically admire this step towards opening education and as an educator find it a valuable resource which enhances my classroom activities. " - Erica, Switzerland

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OCW in the News

OCW recently received news coverage from the New York Times, The Associated Press, and the Washington Post! The US News & World Report included OCW in their "50 Ways to Improve Your Life" segment.

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