21W.765J / 21L.489J / CMS.845 Theory and Practice of Non-linear and Interactive Narrative

Spring 2003

A frame from Thomas Edison's 1896 film 'Clark's Thread Mill.'
A frame from Thomas Edison's 1896 film "Clark's Thread Mill." (Image courtesy of the Library of Congress.)

Course Highlights

This course features example student projects, as well as a comprehensive related resources section.

Course Description

This class covers a range of topics including hypertext, interactive cinema, games, installation art, and soundscapes. It examines the potential for dynamic narrative in traditional media like novels and films and as well as in computer-based stories and games. The course focuses on the creation of electronic stories and games using simple authoring systems and multimedia software tools. Students present and constructively critique one another's work in progress in a workshop setting aimed at expanding the representational powers of a new creative medium.

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Prof. Edward Barrett

Course Meeting Times

Two sessions / week
1.5 hours / session


Undergraduate / Graduate