Please refer to the readings and assignments for the discussion and workshop topics for many of the below activities.

Class outlines are available for the first two-thirds of the course. Once the students get launched on their research for their third assignment (the Review Article), the class plans are adapted to their questions and concerns. The class spends much of each session listening to students present their findings.

For all the workshops, please refer to the Guidelines for Workshops (PDF).

1 Introduction (PDF)

Read responses to "How and Why MIT?" in pairs and introduce one another.

Discuss resume and cover letter as forms of introduction.

3 Workshop on resumes and cover letters (in groups of 2 or 3). (PDF)

2 pairs will conduct hypothetical interviews.

Be prepared to read aloud from your reader's notebook.

5 Discuss readings. (PDF)
6 Discuss readings. (cont.) (PDF)
7 Workshop on narrative essay in small groups. (PDF)
8 Discuss sample articles and develop collective "critical review." (PDF)
9 Oral presentations: Present articles to class. (PDF)

Oral presentation (cont.).

Discussion of sample student critical reviews.

11 Oral presentations (cont.). (PDF)

Workshop on critical review.

Discussion of next two assignments: review article and written report.

Discuss meaning of "public health."

Scan possible topics and possible venues for eventual reports.

13 Library session.

Discuss review article/literature review.

Discuss documentation and plagiarism.

15-17 Individual research. (PDF 1) (PDF 2)
18 Discuss sample introductory sections of your review articles.

Workshop on review article in small groups.

Discuss role and scope of an abstract.

21 Discuss format and style issues.

Discuss problems/issues that arise in refocusing material.

Oral presentations with focus on effective use of graphics.

23 Additional oral presentations with effective graphics.

Workshop on web report in small groups.

Additional oral presentations with effective graphics.

26 Workshop focused on sentence-level revision.
27 Read and listen to favorite works.
Celebrate the successful completion of 21W.732.