LEC # TOPICS Speakers Key Dates
1 Introduction

Example Projects and Prospects
Michael Joroff

Dennis Frenchman

Susanne Seitinger
2 Placemaking and Urban Design Value

Will this Improve the Livability of the City?
Dennis Frenchman

Whitney Foutz

Susanne Seitinger
Assignment 1: individual research agendas due
3 Technological Value

What Systems Are Being Developed?
Bill Mitchell

Ryan Chin
Final paper proposal
4 Social Value

Who Will Benefit and How?
Michael Joroff

Keith Hampton(TBC)
Meeting with faculty about final paper
5 Real Estate Value

What Are the Financial Incentives for Developers?

How Can We Think About Value in a More Comprehensive and Differentiated Way?
Tony Ciochetti

David Geltner

Sean Sacks
6 Reflection
7 Conclusion Final papers due