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Final Paper (10-12 pages) and Presentation: Work in the 21st Century: Pressure Points for Change

What is the most powerful strategy (or strategies) for improving the lives of women and men both in and outside of the workplace? Should the government provide universal policies that create a floor of opportunity for all? Should the market (e.g., the private sector) be responsible for these policies? What should the role of workers be, either as individuals or via organized labor?

For the final paper, students are required to select one or more strategies for creating gender equity in the workplace (e.g., government policies, private sector initiatives, labor as initiator of change, individuals as initiators of change). Working either alone or in pairs, students should write a 10-12 page paper, arguing why this strategy (strategies) is necessary, drawing upon material covered throughout the semester (use examples). (It does not necessarily have to reflect students' opinions, but they must provide a convincing argument).

On the final day of class, the class will have a debate in which the various perspectives will be presented. (This paper and presentation accounts for 30% of your grade.)

Final Paper and Presentation

Effective Strategies for Achieving Gender and Race Equity in the Workplace - Yamicia Connor, Tasneem Hussam, Jad Karam, Jennifer Moore. (All work is courtesy of the students named, and used with permission.)

Paper (PDF)

Presentation (PDF)

In-class Presentation and Debate

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