Part I: Work In America: Setting the Context
1 A. Introduction: Economic and Political Context
2 B. Historical Background: How Did We Get Here?

C. Theoretical Perspectives on Gender and Race
Part II: Gender, Work and Family
3 Gender Strategies to Balance Work and Family
4 The Squeeze at the Bottom: Poor Women and Families in the U.S.
Part III: Gender, Work and Family Policy
5 Structural Inequities in the Labor Force
6 Government Policy Paper prospectus due
Part IV: In the Workplace and the Labor Markets
7 Macro to Micro: Intersection of Race and Gender in the Workplace
8 Contested Solutions: Comparable Worth and Affirmative Action Research/Policy paper due
9 9a. Comparable Worth

9b. Affirmative Action

Panel Presentation: Addressing Race and Gender Issues in Nonprofit Organizations
Part V: Domestic and European Work/Family Policies: The Responsibility of Government, Private Sector or Individuals?
10 Child Care Policy: Field Trip to State House with Marta Rosa, Early Care and Education Specialist
11 Leave Policies and Policies That Address Overwork
Part VI: Work in the 21st Century
12 Work in the 21st Century: Pressure Points for Change Final paper presentations in debate format