Sloan School of Management

MIT Sloan School of Management

The MIT Sloan School of Management is committed to improving the world by advancing the practice of management.

We offer a dynamic curriculum that includes the following areas:

  • Accounting
  • Communication
  • Corporate Strategy and Policy
  • Finance
  • Health Care Management
  • History, Environment and Ethics
  • Industrial Relations and Human Resource Management
  • Information Technologies
  • International Management
  • Law
  • Leadership
  • Managerial Economics
  • Marketing
  • Operations Management
  • Operations Research/Statistics
  • Organizational Studies
  • System Dynamics
  • Technology, Innovation and Entrepreneurship

MIT Sloan has many top-ranked academic programs, including our MBA Program, the MIT Sloan Fellows Program for Innovation and Global Leadership, the Leaders for Manufacturing Program, the Undergraduate Program in Management Science, and our PhD Program.  In addition, we offer a series of non-degreed Executive Education programs.

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MIT Course #Course TitleTerm
 15.010Economic Analysis for Business DecisionsFall 2004
 15.011Economic Analysis for Business DecisionsFall 2004
 15.012Applied Macro- and International EconomicsSpring 2002
 15.014Applied Macro- and International EconomicsSpring 2004
 15.020Competition in TelecommunicationsFall 2003
 15.021JReal Estate EconomicsSpring 2004
 15.023JGlobal Climate Change: Economics, Science, and PolicySpring 2004
 15.023JGlobal Climate Change: Economics, Science, and PolicySpring 2007
 15.024Applied Economics for ManagersSummer 2004
 15.040Game Theory for ManagersSpring 2004
 15.057Systems OptimizationSpring 2003
15.060Data, Models, and DecisionsFall 2007
 15.062Data MiningSpring 2003
 15.063Communicating With DataSummer 2003
 15.066JSystem Optimization and Analysis for ManufacturingSummer 2003
 15.067Competitive Decision-Making and NegotiationSpring 2003
 15.070Advanced Stochastic ProcessesFall 2005
 15.072JQueues: Theory and ApplicationsSpring 2006
 15.073JLogistical and Transportation Planning MethodsFall 2004
 15.073JLogistical and Transportation Planning MethodsFall 2006
 15.081JIntroduction to Mathematical ProgrammingFall 2002
 15.082JNetwork OptimizationSpring 2003
 15.083JInteger Program Combination OptimizationFall 2004
 15.084JNonlinear ProgrammingSpring 2004
 15.084JNonlinear ProgrammingSpring 2003
 15.085JFundamentals of ProbabilityFall 2005
 15.093Optimization Methods (SMA 5213)Fall 2004
 15.094JSystems Optimization: Models and Computation (SMA 5223)Spring 2004
 15.098Special Seminar in Applied Probability and Stochastic ProcessesSpring 2006
 15.099Readings in OptimizationFall 2003
 15.136JPrinciples and Practice of Drug DevelopmentFall 2005
15.220Global Strategy and OrganizationSpring 2008
15.223Global Markets, National Policies, and the Competitive Advantages of FirmsFall 2007
 15.224Global Markets, National Politics and the Competitive Advantage of FirmsSpring 2003
 15.269Literature, Ethics and AuthorityFall 2005
 15.269BLiterature, Ethics and AuthorityFall 2002
 15.280Communication for ManagersFall 2002
 15.281Advanced Managerial CommunicationSpring 2004
 15.289Communication Skills for AcademicsSpring 2002
 15.301Managerial PsychologyFall 2006
 15.301Managerial Psychology LaboratoryFall 2004
 15.301Managerial Psychology LaboratorySpring 2003
 15.310Managerial Psychology LaboratorySpring 2003
 15.310Managerial PsychologyFall 2006
 15.310Managerial Psychology LaboratoryFall 2004
 15.311Organizational ProcessesFall 2003
 15.316Building and Leading Effective TeamsSummer 2005
 15.322Leading Organizations IIFall 2003
 15.328Team ProjectFall 2003
 15.341Individuals, Groups, and OrganizationsFall 2006
 15.342JOrganizations and EnvironmentsFall 2004
 15.343Managing Transformations in Work, Organizations, and SocietySpring 2002
 15.347Doctoral Seminar in Research Methods IFall 2004
 15.348Doctoral Seminar in Research Methods IISpring 2004
 15.351Managing the Innovation ProcessFall 2002
 15.352Managing Innovation: Emerging TrendsSpring 2005
 15.356How to Develop "Breakthrough" Products and ServicesSpring 2004
 15.358The Software BusinessFall 2005
 15.389Global Entrepreneurship LabFall 2007
 15.391Early Stage CapitalFall 2003
 15.394Designing and Leading the Entrepreneurial OrganizationSpring 2003
 15.402Finance Theory IISpring 2003
 15.414Financial ManagementSummer 2003
 15.426JReal Estate Finance and InvestmentFall 2006
 15.427JReal Estate Capital MarketsSpring 2007
 15.428JAdvanced Topics in Real Estate FinanceSpring 2007
 15.431Entrepreneurial FinanceSpring 2002
 15.433InvestmentsSpring 2003
 15.501Introduction to Financial and Managerial AccountingSpring 2004
 15.511Financial AccountingSummer 2004
 15.514Financial and Managerial AccountingSummer 2003
 15.515Financial AccountingFall 2003
 15.516Introduction to Financial and Managerial AccountingSpring 2004
 15.518Taxes and Business StrategyFall 2002
 15.521Management Accounting and ControlSpring 2003
 15.535Business Analysis Using Financial StatementsSpring 2003
 15.561Information Technology EssentialsSpring 2005
 15.564Information Technology ISpring 2003
 15.565JIntegrating eSystems & Global Information SystemsSpring 2002
 15.566Information Technology as an Integrating Force in ManufacturingSpring 2003
15.571Generating Business Value from Information TechnologySpring 2007
 15.575Research Seminar in IT and Organizations: Economic PerspectivesSpring 2004
 15.578JIntegrating eSystems & Global Information SystemsSpring 2002
 15.598IT and Business TransformationSpring 2003
 15.616Innovative Businesses and Breakthrough Technologies - The Legal IssuesFall 2004
 15.617The Law of Corporate Finance and Financial MarketsSpring 2004
 15.628Patents, Copyrights, and the Law of Intellectual PropertySpring 2003
 15.649The Law of Mergers and AcquisitionsSpring 2003
 15.660Strategic HR ManagementSpring 2003
 15.665BPower and NegotiationFall 2002
 15.667Negotiation and Conflict ManagementSpring 2001
 15.677JUrban Labor Markets and Employment PolicySpring 2005
 15.678JPolitical Economy I: Theories of the State and the EconomyFall 2005
 15.760AOperations ManagementSpring 2002
 15.760BIntroduction to Operations ManagementSpring 2004
 15.761Operations ManagementSummer 2002
 15.762JSupply Chain Planning (SMA 6305)Spring 2005
 15.763JManufacturing System and Supply Chain DesignSpring 2005
 15.764The Theory of Operations ManagementSpring 2004
 15.769Operations StrategySpring 2003
 15.769Operations StrategyFall 2005
 15.770JLogistics SystemsFall 2006
 15.778Management of Supply Networks for Products and ServicesSummer 2004
 15.783JProduct Design and DevelopmentSpring 2006
 15.792JProseminar in ManufacturingFall 2005
 15.795Seminar in Operations ManagementFall 2002
 15.810Introduction to MarketingSpring 2005
 15.810Marketing ManagementFall 2004
 15.812Marketing ManagementFall 2002
 15.818PricingSpring 2005
 15.821Listening to the CustomerFall 2002
 15.822Strategic Marketing MeasurementFall 2002
 15.834Marketing StrategySpring 2003
 15.835Entrepreneurial MarketingSpring 2002
 15.840Special Seminar in Marketing: Marketing ManagementSpring 2004
 15.871System Dynamics for Business PolicyFall 2003
 15.874System Dynamics for Business PolicyFall 2003
 15.875Applications of System DynamicsSpring 2004
 15.902Strategic Management IFall 2006
 15.904Strategic Management IIFall 2005
 15.905Technology StrategySpring 2007
 15.912Technology StrategySpring 2005
 15.928Strategic Management and Consulting Proseminar: Theoretical FoundationsSpring 2003
15.963Management Accounting and ControlSpring 2007
 15.963Organizations as Enacted Systems: Learning, Knowing and ChangeFall 2002
 15.965Ethical Practice: Professionalism, Social Responsibility, and the Purpose of the CorporationSpring 2007
 15.967Managing and Volunteering In the Non-Profit SectorSpring 2005
 15.968The Sociology of StrategySpring 2005
 15.969Dynamic Leadership: Using Improvisation in BusinessFall 2004
 15.970Digital AnthropologySpring 2003
 15.971Developmental EntrepreneurshipFall 2003
 15.974Leadership LabSpring 2003
 15.974Practical LeadershipFall 2004
 15.975Special Seminar in Management The Nuts and Bolts of Business PlansJanuary (IAP) 2005
 15.978Leadership Tools and Teams: A Product Development LabSpring 2007
 15.980JOrganizing for Innovative Product DevelopmentSpring 2007
15.988System Dynamics Self StudyFall 1998
 15.990Architecture and Communication in OrganizationsFall 2003
 15.996Cross-Cultural LeadershipFall 2004
 15.997Advanced Corporate Risk ManagementSpring 2007
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