15.912 Technology Strategy

Spring 2005

Three key questions for effective strategies.
Effective strategies answer three key questions. (Image by Prof. Rebecca Henderson.)

Course Highlights

This course features a set of lecture notes as well as term papers written by teams of students.

Course Description

This course provides a series of strategic frameworks for managing high-technology businesses. The emphasis throughout is on the development and application of conceptual models which clarify the interactions between competition, patterns of technological and market change, and the structure and development of internal firm capabilities. The course covers much of the same conceptual material as 15.351 and 15.393, and students should not take 15.912 if they have taken (or intend to take) either alternative.

This is not a course in how to manage product or process development. The main focus is on the acquisition of a set of powerful analytical tools which are critical for the development of a technology strategy as an integral part of business strategy. These tools can provide the framework for insightful planning when deciding which technologies to invest in, how to structure those investments and how to anticipate and respond to the behavior of competitors, suppliers, and customers. The course should be of particular interest to those interested in managing a business for which technology is likely to play a major role, and to those interested in consulting or venture capital.

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Prof. Rebecca Henderson

Course Meeting Times

Two sessions / week
1.5 hours / session



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