de Groot, Morris H., and Mark J. Schervish. Probability and Statistics. 3rd ed. Link to Author's errata list

Required reading includes e-mail from the instructor and information on the course web pages, as well as the textbook and handouts.

Grades will be based on a number of points earned. Midterm tests are worth 100 points each; homework is worth 100 points after normalizing; the final exam is worth 200 points.

For help on problem sets, you should consult the instructor, tutors, classmates, or others; what you turn in should explain in your own words your understanding of how to do the exercises.

Question authority! That means asking the instructor questions on the subject matter of the course, including the problem sets. ("Questions on the subject matter" are not things like "Will §3.6.8 be covered on the test on Monday?") In particular, do not apologize for asking questions, by saying things like "I hope this question isn't too dumb." I am fairly generous with hints and other information when I am asked questions about assigned problem or other aspects of the subject of the course.