Special software is required to use some of the files in this section: .m.

This course has 6 homework assignments which are collectively worth 60% of the grade.

Collaboration on the homeworks is encouraged, but each student must write his/her own solutions, understand all the details of them, and be prepared to answer questions about them.

The assignments are due in the lectures listed.

5 Homework 1 (PDF)
9 Homework 2 (PDF)
12 Homework 3 (PDF)
16 Homework 4 (PDF)

Banded Cholesky

bandtest.m (M)

21 Homework 5 (PDF)

Linear Elasticity Utilities

assemble.m (M)

elmatrix.m (M)

mkmodel.m (M)

qdplot.m (M)

qdanim.m (M)

25 Homework 6 (PDF)