Study Materials

Special software is required to use some of the files in this section: .mp3.

Audio Files

The following audio files correspond with the exercises assigned in the unit, character, and sounds and symbols sections.

Unit 5

Unit 5.1 Tone contrasts (MP3)

Unit 5.4.1 In a restaurant (MP3)

Unit 5.6 Talking to a child  (MP3)

Unit 5.7.2 Three dialogues on music (MP3)

Unit 5.14 Dialogue: Who won? (MP3)

Unit 5.15 Pronunciation: erhua (MP3)

Units 6 and 7

Unit 6.3.5 Dialogues (MP3)

Unit 6.9 Dialogue (MP3)

Unit 7.2.4 Dialogue (MP3)

Unit 7.4 Dialogue (MP3)

Unit 7.5 Dialogue (MP3)

Unit 7.9.2 Dialogue (MP3)

Unit 7.11 Dialogue (MP3)

Unit 7.13 Letter (MP3)

Unit 7.14 Pronounciation (MP3)


Some of the assignments reference a program called flashCube, which is a computer program that helps students learn the Chinese material presented in this course. flashCube is available for download on OpenCourseWare at the 21F.101/21F.151 site.

Sample Exams

Test 1 (PDF)

Test 2 (PDF)

Test 3 (PDF)

Calligraphy Grid

Blank squared character writing paper. (PDF)

Songs and Rhymes

The East is Red (PDF)

Words in praise of Chairman Mao, put to a traditional Chinese folk tune. Lyrics in pinyin and characters, with word-for-word English translation.

Sailing the Seas Depends on the Helmsman (PDF)

More praise of Mao and the Communist Party. Lyrics in pinyin and characters, with word-for-word English translation.

A Kangding Love Song (PDF)

A well-known folk song; Kangding is a town at the eastern reaches of Tibet, in Sichuan. Lyrics and word-for-word translation.

The Descendants of the Dragon (PDF)

Lyrics and word-for-word translation of a popular song.

Small Town Story (PDF)

Lyrics in pinyin and characters, and a word-for-word translation of a song by Teresa Teng (whose Chinese name, in pinyin, is Teng Lijun).

Socialism's good! (PDF)

Lyrics in characters and pinyin, with rough English translation.

Four Tang Poems (PDF)

Poems by Li Po (Li Bei), Wang Wei, Du Fu, and Meng Haoran, in pinyin and characters; with word-for-word English translation.