Study Materials

Special software is required to use some of the files in this section: .zip.

Sample Exams

Test 1 (PDF)

Test 3 (PDF)

Test 4 (PDF)


Assistance in internalizing lesson material is provided by way of a computer program called flashCube, developed by Jordan Gilliland while a graduate student at MIT. As the name suggests, flashCube delivers through the medium of the computer what has traditionally been provided by the folk-method of the flashcard, the vocabulary or phrase notebook, and the tape recorder. Ultimately, flashCube will store, in a compact and convenient format, much of the Chinese material presented in Learning Chinese, and allow students to test themselves into and out of the spoken or written language. At present, flashCube contains material and sound files that have not been updated to match the current version of Learning Chinese I. We may be able to manage the updates as we progress through the course, but even as is, it remains a useful source of listening and other material.

Preliminary instructions for the use of flashCube (PDF)

Download Windows® XP version of flashCube (ZIP - 45.0 MB)

Download Mac OS® X version of flashCube (ZIP - 46.1 MB)

UPDATED flashCube.jar file.  If you previously downloaded the software and it has expired, you can download a new one (flashCube.jar).

Please note that is program does not come with technical support and may not work on some operating systems. The following documents are provided to support flashCube.

Installation instructions for Windows® (TXT) and Mac OS® X (TXT)
Font - Windows® only (TTF - 23.0 MB)
Java Runtime Environment 5 Update 5 (EXE - 15.6 MB)

Stroke Order

Lesson 1 Character Stroke Order (PDF)

Lesson 2 Character Stroke Order (PDF)

Lesson 3 Character Stroke Order (PDF)