Study Materials

Instead of weekly graded assignments, this course offers on-line tutorial problems with answers that students can use to test their understanding of the lecture material. The answers are shown in blue text. Some of these problems are similar to those appearing on the quizzes. Twice-weekly one-hour tutorial sessions give students a chance to work on these problems with the help of a teaching assistant and to ask any questions they may have.
Problems for Quiz #1
Basics of Information (PDF)
The Digital Abstraction (PDF)
CMOS Technology (PDF)
Gates and Boolean Logic (PDF)
Problems for Quiz #2
Synthesis of Combinational Logic (PDF)
Memory and FSMs (PDF)
Synchronization and Metastability (PDF)
Pipelining (PDF)
Problems for Quiz #3
Models of Computation (PDF)
Programmable Machines (PDF)
Machine Language (PDF)
Stacks and Procedures (PDF)
Problems for Quiz #4
Building the Beta (PDF)
Pipelined Beta (PDF)
Problems for Quiz #5
Caches (PDF)
Cache Experiment (PDF)
Virtual Memory (PDF)
Operating System Issues (PDF)
Semaphores (PDF)
Other Problems
Interrupts and Real Time (PDF)