5.068 Physical Methods in Inorganic Chemistry

Spring 2005

Molecular model of amino acid tyrosine overlaid on photograph of xray diffractometer.
Molecular model of the amino acid tyrosine with experimental electron density in front of an X-ray diffractometer at MIT. The tyrosine is part of the crystal structure of phosphoglycerate mutase from M. tuberculosis. See P. Mueller et al. (2005). Acta Cryst. D61, 309-315. (Figure and photograph by Dr. Peter Mueller. Used with permission.)

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This course features a selection of downloadable lecture notes.

Course Description

This course covers the following topics: X-ray diffraction: symmetry, space groups, geometry of diffraction, structure factors, phase problem, direct methods, Patterson methods, electron density maps, structure refinement, how to grow good crystals, powder methods, limits of X-ray diffraction methods, and structure data bases.

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Dr. Peter Mueller

Course Meeting Times

Eighteen sessions for 7 weeks
1 hour / session