This section contains documents created from scanned original files, which are inaccessible to screen reader software. A "#" symbol is used to denote such documents.

This section contains recitation problems from the Spring 2005 version of this course. These materials are listed by the topics discussed in Spring 2005. Recitation section problems cover material discussed in the corresponding lecture sessions.

2 Cell Problem (PDF) (PDF)
3 Chemistry Review (PDF) (PDF)
4 Protein Structure (PDF)

Protein Models (PDF)

6 Mitosis/Meiosis (PDF) (PDF)
7 Mendelian Genetics (PDF) (PDF)
10 Pedigrees (PDF) (PDF)
12 Central Dogma (PDF)

Central Dogma Chart (PDF)

15 Recombinant DNA (PDF) (PDF)
17 Mystery (PDF) (PDF)
18 Protein Localization (PDF)

Signal Transduction (PDF)

20 Cell Type and Position (PDF) (PDF)
21 Fertilization (PDF)

IVF Mix-Up (PDF)

23 Stem Cells (PDF) (PDF)
25 SC and Cloning (PDF) (PDF)
26 Neurobiology 1 (PDF) (PDF)
28 Neurobiology 2 (PDF)

Cancer 1 - Ames Test (PDF)

30 Cancer Genes (PDF)

Cancer Pedigree (PDF)

32 Immunology 1 (PDF) (PDF)
33 Immunology 2 (PDF)# (PDF)#
35 Virology (PDF) (PDF)