SES # Topics
1 Introductions, Class Logistics, Class Objectives, Safety, Equipment, How to String the Bow
2 Stretching for Archery, Demonstration of the Draw and Shooting on Target, Practice Shooting
3 Video Review 9 Steps of Proper Shooting Technique

Draw Technique; Stance, Arm and Body Position, Anchor Points, Aim, Release, Follow through Practice Shooting
4 Grouping Arrows on the Target-correcting Draw Technique

Increase Distance from Target, 15 Yards
5 Adjusting the Sight on the Bow to Aim, Scoring
6 Practice Shooting - Scoring 6 Ends, 15 Yard Shooting
7 Speed Shooting
8 Class Tournament - "Singles Tourney"
9 Class Tournament - "Team Tourney" (or Clout Shooting Outside, Weather Permitting)
10 Bump Over Tournament
11 Shooting and Scoring from 20 Yards

High Speed Filming if Available
12 Distance Shooting Tournament