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Our mission is to prepare engineers for success and leadership in the Conception, Design, Implementation, and Operation (CDIO) of aerospace and related complex, high-performance systems.

We intend to create a new integrated education, the goals of which are:

  • To provide students with a deep working knowledge of the technical fundamentals;
  • To educate engineers to be leaders in the creation and operation of new products and systems;
  • To instill in researchers an understanding of the importance and strategic value of their work.

These three goals are synergistic but distinct. Since the engineering science revolution of the 1950s it has been the goal of university technical education to teach the fundamentals. We are concerned that as education has become more abstract and more packed with topics, the depth and comprehensiveness of understanding of the fundamentals has declined. Therefore, we will create the learning environment that reinforces and deepens the understanding of the fundamentals, empowering our young engineers to use their knowledge and skills to create and innovate much more confidently and productively.

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Updated within the past 180 days

MIT Course #Course TitleTerm
 16.00Introduction to Aerospace Engineering and DesignSpring 2003
 16.01Unified Engineering I, II, III, & IVFall 2005
 16.02Unified Engineering I, II, III, & IVFall 2005
 16.03Unified Engineering I, II, III, & IVFall 2005
 16.04Unified Engineering I, II, III, & IVFall 2005
 16.050Thermal EnergyFall 2002
 16.06Principles of Automatic ControlFall 2003
 16.07DynamicsFall 2004
 16.100AerodynamicsFall 2005
 16.20Structural MechanicsFall 2002
 16.21Techniques for Structural Analysis and DesignSpring 2005
 16.30Estimation and Control of Aerospace SystemsSpring 2004
 16.36Communication Systems EngineeringSpring 2003
 16.410Principles of Autonomy and Decision MakingFall 2005
 16.413Principles of Autonomy and Decision MakingFall 2005
 16.61Aerospace DynamicsSpring 2003
 16.621Experimental Projects ISpring 2003
 16.622Experimental Projects IIFall 2003
 16.652Inventions and PatentsFall 2005
 16.653Management in EngineeringFall 2004
 16.682Prototyping AvionicsSpring 2006
 16.810Engineering Design and Rapid PrototypingJanuary (IAP) 2005
 16.810Engineering Design and Rapid PrototypingJanuary (IAP) 2007
 16.812The Aerospace IndustrySpring 2004
 16.83XSpace Systems EngineeringSpring 2002
 16.901Computational Methods in Aerospace EngineeringSpring 2005
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Updated within the past 180 days

MIT Course #Course TitleTerm
 16.120Compressible FlowSpring 2003
 16.13Aerodynamics of Viscous FluidsFall 2003
 16.225Computational Mechanics of MaterialsFall 2003
 16.230JPlates and ShellsSpring 2006
16.31Feedback Control SystemsFall 2007
 16.322Stochastic Estimation and ControlFall 2004
 16.323Principles of Optimal ControlSpring 2006
 16.333Aircraft Stability and ControlFall 2004
 16.337JDynamics of Nonlinear SystemsFall 2003
 16.355JSoftware Engineering ConceptsFall 2005
 16.358JSystem SafetySpring 2005
 16.37JData Communication NetworksFall 2002
 16.394JInfinite Random Matrix TheoryFall 2004
 16.399Random Matrix Theory and Its ApplicationsSpring 2004
 16.410Principles of Autonomy and Decision MakingFall 2005
 16.412JCognitive RoboticsSpring 2005
 16.413Principles of Autonomy and Decision MakingFall 2005
 16.422Human Supervisory Control of Automated SystemsSpring 2004
 16.423JAerospace Biomedical and Life Support EngineeringSpring 2006
 16.512Rocket PropulsionFall 2005
 16.522Space PropulsionSpring 2004
 16.540Internal Flows in TurbomachinesSpring 2006
 16.72Air Traffic ControlFall 2006
 16.75JAirline ManagementSpring 2006
 16.76JLogistical and Transportation Planning MethodsFall 2004
 16.76JLogistical and Transportation Planning MethodsFall 2006
 16.77JAirline Schedule PlanningSpring 2003
 16.851Satellite EngineeringFall 2003
 16.852JIntegrating the Lean EnterpriseFall 2005
 16.862Engineering Risk-Benefit AnalysisSpring 2007
 16.863JSystem SafetySpring 2005
 16.881Robust System DesignSummer 1998
 16.885JAircraft Systems EngineeringFall 2004
 16.885JAircraft Systems EngineeringFall 2005
 16.886Air Transportation Systems ArchitectingSpring 2004
 16.888Multidisciplinary System Design OptimizationSpring 2004
 16.891JSpace Policy SeminarSpring 2003
 16.892JSpace System Architecture and DesignFall 2004
 16.895JEngineering Apollo: The Moon Project as a Complex SystemSpring 2007
16.89JSpace Systems EngineeringSpring 2007
 16.910JIntroduction to Numerical Simulation (SMA 5211)Fall 2003
 16.920JNumerical Methods for Partial Differential Equations (SMA 5212)Spring 2003
 16.940JComputational GeometrySpring 2003
 16.985JProseminar in ManufacturingFall 2005
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